Mineral Deposits on Glass

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When water evaporates from the surface of glass, it leaves behind everything other than hydrogen and oxygen. If this happens repeatedly, minerals in the water can bond with the surface of the glass and cause a water spotting condition whereby the glass always appears dirty. Simple cleaning won't remove this damage, only chemicals or glass polishing can.

Landscaping irrigation is a frequent cause of these types of deposits and requires adjustment or re-engineering of the irrigation system to prevent a recurrence.  Rainwater streaming down the side of a building, picking up minerals from adjacent concrete or stone panels can also leave these deposits on glass.

Water spots or mineral deposits that occur from  prolonged exposure to water that contains excessive amounts of minerals.  The glass may be also affected by haze or film-damage due to wrong use of cleaning chemicals, improper use of sandpaper by painters, the effect of soft glass because of glass manufacturing procedures and also by the contractor’s ways of handling.  More rare cases of  glass damage result from condensation-moisture between double panes of insulated glass.

What Causes Hard Water Stains?

  • Spots of water around the shower that are left to dry
  • Sprinkler systems spraying water all over glass
  • Lime scattering around glass when concrete paths are hosed down
  • Seals leaching silica onto glass
  • Metal fly screens leaching iron onto glass
  • Iron stains from defective roof drain

What Does Hard Water Look Like on Your Windows?

If your windows were washed with hard water or sprayed by a sprinkler or hose, you will most likely notice white spots on the glass. If they aren’t cleaned off and if the window gets wet again, additional spots will form and cover the glass, making it look foggy. The longer you wait to clean away the mineral deposits, the more difficult it will be to remove them. If you wait too long before performing residential window cleaning, the minerals can etch the glass, causing permanent damage.

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