Glass Vandalism Repair

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Graffiti Removal on Glass and Etching Repair

Let us save you on huge time and expenses by removing graffiti acid vandalism. By restoring your damaged window glass from chips, scratches, graffiti and chemical etching to competitive new conditions. Right at your business locations we do not require the removal of your window glass panels since we fix your troubles on the spot. This method will save you lots of money, it is only a fraction of the cost and liability that would come with replacing your current vandalized graffiti-ed glass window. So let Guardian Glass remove all your graffiti problems in your business and stand out as the cleanest business owner in your neighborhood or town.

Scratches cut deep into glass destroy it's appearance.  The structural integrity of the glass is also compromised, with the damage becoming a weak area that any stress introduced to the glass will focus upon.  This glass will be much more likely to break due to impact, pressure differentials, thermal loading or a host of other causes. No content with merely scratching lines in glass or spray painting, vandals are also using acid to etch the surface of glass.  It is important to clean the glass thoroughly of the acid residue at the earliest opportunity, as the longer the acid remains on the glass the deeper it will etch into the surface, making repair more difficult and costly.

We will inspect and evaluate the damage on your glass and price it for repair. If the glass is not repairable or too costly to repair, we'll price it for replacement. Either way, you will know if you are getting the most cost effective solution and every avenue has been explored to resolve the issues.

Acid Etch Removal -- The Process

Acid Etched Graffiti is caused when vandals use hydrofluoric acid mixed with either shoe polish or acetone in a shoe cleaning dispensing bottle. This creates a much wider band of graffiti, sometimes colored, which etches into the glass and forms a hard crust on the surface.

Guardian Glass Repair removes this damage by chemically neutralizing and removing the crust from the surface to reveal the acid etching in the glass, which is then polished out to leave a distortion free, smooth, clear surface.

Removal of All Types of Graffiti:

No matter what type of graffiti is on your glass, we can remove it. That includes:

  • Scratched graffiti
  • Painted graffiti
  • Acid-etched graffiti

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