Glass Restoration

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An Alternative to Expensive Glass Replacement

Get your windows and glass restored to like-new condition by the experts at Guardian Glass Repair. We'll bring back the original shine without you having to pay for a more expensive replacement!  Whether your issue is deliberate vandalism, cleaning or construction damage, manufacturing issues, mineral deposits or staining, these issues can cause a very expensive problem in a short amount of time. Gang symbols, profanity or just illegible scrawl on your glass means an ugly problem that many glass companies will tell you is unrepairable. That's when you'll need our specialized professional help. Vandals can use a variety of objects to scratch or mar the glass surface or even use acid which etches into the surface of glass.

We have different types of glass polishing machines and the right tools to take care of the damage. With many years in the glass restoration business, we know what it takes to restore your glass to new condition and have the experience to make the repair undetectable under most circumstances.

Glass Restoration -- Next Steps

We can effectively remove hard water stains, mineral staining and scratches from glass. Our commercial window glass restoration services can be performed at the ground level, or we have the equipment and knowledge, to perform high rise glass restoration and glass stain removal services.  Commercial buildings receive glass staining due to various environmental conditions.

After the restoration process, we suggest the installation of a silicone protective treatment to the glass in order to help protect the surface from future staining and corrosion.


FAQ Glass Restoration

Our glass restoration systems are engineered to remove scratches, acid etching, staining and mineral deposits from virtually any type of glass. Some systems are more aggressive, removing material from the surface of the glass which is followed up by polishing systems that rearrange the molecules on the surface and restore the clarity of the glass


No -- The heaviest polishing reduces the thickness of 1/4" glass by only about 2%. A scratch left in glass actually makes glass weaker since the scratch becomes a focal point for any stress on the glass. Polishing removes this precise focal point so that any stress introduced will be spread more evenly over the glass. Think about how glass is cut. A line is scored on its surface then stressed until it breaks cleanly along the scored line. No scored line means no focal point for stresses.

Yes! True tinted glass is a consistent color throughout the glass and not simply a coating on one side or other. If glass is tinted with a film on one side, polishing on the opposite side of the glass will not disturb the film.

Absolutely, it actually works very efficiently on tempered glass because of the glass density. The system works equally well on laminated, curved, plate and mirrored glass. It can also be used on virtually any thickness of glass, including single strength.

No--We work on your glass, at your site, where it is installed. Our polishing systems are completely portable and our service is designed around that fact.

We have broken glass playing baseball but never while polishing glass. Think of it as buffing out the damage much the same way you would use an electric buffer on your cars paint. Our equipment is more sophisticated, but the idea is the same.

We polish out specific damage in glass. Our price is based on repairing that damage, not on the size of the glass. Give us a call and we will be happy to visit your site to provide free written and itemized quotes on any damage you might have. Most work we do saves 25% to 50% on the cost of replacing glass. On some large expensive pieces we have saved customers over 90% on the cost of replacement!


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